AUTOPHAGY: Body’s Natural Intelligence for Anti-Aging and Healing – Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss & Self-Cleansing (Healthy Eating)


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When you begin researching how to lose weight, heal yourself, or combat the side effects of aging, you probably have come across a multitude of different plans and ideas that offer unrealistic and “too good to be true” solutions. But the reality is that if it sounds unbelievable, chances are it is. All the different options out there that seem to offer you a magic pill to fix everything are often dangerous to your health and well-being. And they are probably not great for your waistline either. You cannot expect to support your body by only eating cabbage soup and celery. There is no way you can sustain that to keep weight off! So when it fails, you can expect it to be a hard fall. And after that? Do you go back on that seesaw, or look for something more realistic, sustainable, and supported by science?There are many choices out there to support your various goals, but only a handful can substantiate their claim to benefit all of them. Autophagy is more than a diet, but rather a state of being. It is a natural process that you can activate with your diet and lifestyle, and then reap some amazing benefits. You can activate it fast, with an “extreme” approach, such as water fasting, or mimic fasting and ease in slower into the state of being. And there are options in between those extremes that you can consider, too. But do you know exactly what autophagy is and why it is beneficial to your body? Do you know how and why it is activated in your body? Reading through this “manual” on how to cleanse and heal your body will give you these answers and more. It is not easy changing your lifestyle, losing weight, and supporting your health. It is especially hard if you are used to eating a traditional Western diet, full of unhealthy fats, carbs, and intense amounts of protein. A lot of these foods can cause incredible harm to your body, causing a host of diseases and side effects. But you do not need to suffer from these for the rest of your life. You now have the ability to do something about it that Western science and health practitioners have known for years; autophagy.Highlights of this book include;•A full description outlining exactly what autophagy is from a scientific stand-point but laid out in “laymen’s” terms.•An outline of how autophagy works in the body and why it is a natural process we are all capable of activating.•Highlights of the various benefits activating autophagy can bring to your life, such as weight loss, reducing risk of disease, support for treating illness, and even reversing the effects of aging on your body.•Three different diet approaches explaining how it activates autophagy and why you would choose each one for your goals;oExtended water fastingoIntermittent fastingoFasting-mimicking diet•An additional, BONUS chapter diving even deeper into how and why you can use the activation of autophagy to meet your weight loss goals.•And much, much more!

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