Autophagy: Activate Your Natural Self-Cleansing Process to Lose Weight, Reduce Inflammation, Boost Energy and Live Longer Through Intermittent Fasting, Keto Diet, Exercise and Other Methods


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Are you looking for a way to lose weight that allows you to also have health benefits without resorting to pills and diets?
Would you like to feel energeticreduce the risk of serious diseases and promote longevity?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Nowadays most of us don’t pay much attention to how we treat our bodies and when and how we eat, we are so caught up in this hectic life. Every meal we eat, every drink we have, the efforts and rest we have affect our internal mechanisms. We should not be surprised then if our bodies become easy targets of obesity and other serious diseases and, above all, if we do not manage to enjoy a long healthy life, to our fullest potential.

Health is largely determined by what happens within the body at the microscopic level. Every day, the cells undergo a natural cleansing process, called “Autophagy“, which translates from the ancient Greek into “eating oneself“. This leads healthy cells to devour old and weak ones, allowing the body to detoxify and renew itself.
The interesting news is that this process can be induced and promoted. The mechanisms of autophagy were only clarified in 2016 with a Nobel Prize, but were already practiced by ancestors, albeit unconsciously.
This book, in addition to outlining the science behind this process, will actually provide you with the tested methods by which you can activate autophagy in your body and this not only to succeed in losing weight, but to promote healing, slow aging and leave your body free from the chronic diseases that afflict millions of people.

Here are just some of the many concepts you will discover:

  • What is Autophagy and how it works
  • How to achieve autophagy through different methods safely and effectively
  • Food choices that will help you enhance autophagy
  • How to lose weight with autophagy
  • How to improve your immune system
  • How to use autophagy to prevent and help cure cancer and neurodegenerative, infectious and metabolic diseases
  • How to adopt an autophagic lifestyle to lengthen and improve the quality of your life
  • And much, much more!

You are probably discouraged because you have tried different diets and supplements to lose weight and improve your health without having significant results, but with this comprehensive guide I will provide you with all the information you need to achieve your goals using a completely natural process.

Start now your journey towards health
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