Anti-aging Strategies: Keeping Your Brain and Body Working to 80 and Beyond


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We all age. This ain’t something you’re going to be able to work around.

However, how gracefully you age and how high your quality of life is as you get older is very much under your control and has everything to do with the decisions you make in your life.

How many people to you really know who have died of “old age?” Cancer, Alzheimer’s, stroke, heart disease—these are NOT diseases of aging. Rather, they are diseases that are associated with aging, but not necessarily a consequence of aging.

Many of the ideas to extend your “health span” discussed in this book may be new to you and may never have been brought up by your personal physician. Unfortunately, there is a veritable chasm between the medical research and what primary care doctors and specialists seem to share with their patients. The “standard” recommendations are usually decades behind the research I will be sharing with you. This is why every single comment is backed up by supporting medical research.

It is my hope that the concepts and ideas given in this book are going to help your understanding of your condition as well as help in improving your health and staying healthy as you age. There are many tools that can positively impact your health for decades to come.

In this book, you are going to learn:

1. Why we age
2. The most powerful anti-ageing approach known
3. Supplements that can promote longevity

Happy reading!

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