Anti-Aging Secrets: A Comprehensive Guide: Tips, Hacks, Workouts, Diet, Supplements & More


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A compendium of everything to do with anti-aging
The anti-aging industry is worth hundreds of millions, but this book covers almost everything and is incredible value for money

This book has gone to great lengths to address everything that could help with aging, while at the same time remaining concise. It doesn’t get too bogged down with technical terms and aims to be a no-nonsense handbook that is direct.
A lot of what is contained inside is not generally well known and furthermore, I’ve never, ever seen all the information compiled into one easy place like this.
The book promotes a ‘from within’ approach. I only put in things which prioritize health first and have lasting effects. Anti-aging begins with good habits!

Addressed within:
•Hacks which require little to no money: just a desire to improve oneself
•Workouts: what type of exercise is good and what facial exercises you can do to improve appearance
•Diet & supplements: which foods are particularly good for anti-aging
•The science behind it so you understand why you will do certain things
•The mental side of aging and how to maintain a young brain
•Dedicated sections to maintaining youthful skin and a youthful face

How will this book help you?
•You will be healthier and happier
•You will add more youthful years to your life

This is a must read if you like self-improvement. It is not an understatement to say that all areas of your life will improve if you apply the knowledge here. It addresses the mind & body with a scientific foundation to back it up; there’s no pseudo-science here.

I wish you the best on your anti-aging journey. All the best – Julia Laurie

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