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Discover The Anti-Aging And Rejuvenation Secret Of The Animals! 
From seniors looking to regain their youthful vitality to athletes looking to decrease their recovery time, animal based somatic movements can help you 
Most people would agree that their bodies were at their best when they were young. Anything you wanted to do you simply did without giving it a second thought. Run, jump, and recover from any sport almost instantly. It was almost like you had a superpower that you didn’t really appreciate. Didn’t appreciate, that is, until you started to lose it.

For most of us as soon as we hit our mid twenties we get our first inklings of age. After playing your favorite sport you likely discovered that you just stay sore that much longer. Your back, particularly your lower back, starts to ache and complain. As time passes these little aches and pains can accumulate until they are literally crippling. Our muscles can get so tight that just getting out of bed can be a chore and walking requires a cane. Most people just accept this as part of the aging process and believe there is nothing to be done about it. Right? Wrong!

The truth is that there is nothing natural about growing feeble as we age. This is a condition unique to humans that is unknown in the animal kingdom. Most doctors and physical educators don’t know this, but all vertebrate mammals by instinct perform simple movements that allow them to reset their brains and relax their muscles. Relaxed muscles are the key to maintaining youthful flexibility and movement. Humans have this instinct as well but we lose it within our first few years of life as our higher brain functions become active. If you know what to do, however, you can regain this ability through the power of somatic movements.

Somatic movements allow you to relearn how to exploit your brains natural self-healing properties so that you can regain the feel of a youthful body. When you learn how to perform these somatic movements properly these are some of the benefits your can expect:

  • If you are older you can get back to activities you once enjoyed like walking, dancing, or simply living life pain free
  • If you are younger these movements can help you stay young so that you never experience the pain and discomfort that most people feel comes with age
  • Recover faster so that you can train harder and continue to participate in the sports you enjoy
  • Restore your body naturally. Pills, heating pads, muscle relaxants and Epsom salt baths not required
  • These natural movements will purge and eliminate stiffness, tension, immobility and stress
  • Somatic movements will allow you to possess a body that feels balanced and coordinated again
  • Learn how to wake up your nervous system and refresh your brain
  • Get the memory back of what its like to feel good
  • Somatic movements by themselves can often resolve issues such as chronic pain, memory problems, brain fog, poor sleep, blurred vision, lack of energy, depression, inflammation of the joints, sciatica and more

The key to all of the benefits above and more is to learn how to access your brains natural healing abilities just like the animals do in nature. This is the secret to how all-vertebrate mammals maintain their youthful vibrant ways and it’s a secret you can use too through the miracle of somatic movements. No matter what your age or present physical condition get this book so that you can feel the joy of youthful physical and mental rejuvenation today!

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