Anti-Aging Nutrition Secrets, The Fountain of Youth Seekers Guide to Longevity: Published by the Institute for Solar Studies on Behavior and Human Health


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Read the first 3 Chapters of this book free at The book you are holding in your hand right now is a rare treasure indeed. It contains within it a house of longevity wisdom that dives deeply into the heart of longevity herbalism, retrieving an abundance of true emerald jewels for us to savor. The Fountain of Youth Seeker’s Guide includes years of research studies covering the diets, climates and lifestyles used by centurions throughout the world and includes herbal remedies used by these cultures for generations. Published by Scott Rauvers, the author of 3 anti-aging books, he is also the founder of the Institute for Solar Studies on Behavior and Human Health in Santa Monica, CA. Partial Listing of Chapters and Headings Chapter 1 – Diets and Lifestyles of the Longest Lived Cultures. Chapter 2 – Senescent Cell Removal Extends Lifespan of Mice by 35%. Chapter 3 – Alternatives to Dairy for building Strong Bones. Chapter 4 – The Best Non-Invasive Methods for Treating Arthritis. Chapter 5 – Using Bone Breathing to treat Osteoporosis and Build Strong Bones and Tendons. Chapter 6 – A Summary and Analysis of the Diets and Lifestyles of Centurions and Super Centurions. Chapter 7 – Methods that Induce Healing through Dreams. Chapter 8 – The Anti-Aging Diet combined with The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation. Chapter 9 – A high IQ does not Guarantee a Longer Lifespan. Chapter 10 – Herbal Remedies for Blurry or Poor Eyesight. Chapter 11 – The Amazing Anti-Aging Properties of Melanin. Chapter 12 – Anti-Aging Minerals and Vitamins Including their Recommended Daily Allowance. General RDA’s for Anti-Aging Substances. Foods Highest in Longevity Minerals and Nutrients. Chapter 13 – What Causes Alkalinity and Acidity to Occur in the Human Body? Chapter 15 – Proven Methods to Rebuild Bone and Tendons Using Herbs and Physical Exercises. Chapter 16 – Lead Accumulation Creates Weak Bones. Chapter 17 – Traditional Chinese Herbs that Build Bone and Tendons. Chapter 19 – Vegetarians are at Risk of Premature Aging due to a lack of Carnosine in their Diet. Chapter 22 – Improving Nutrient Absorption with specific Vitamins and Minerals. Chapter 23 – Foods that Boost Human Growth Hormone and their RDA’s. Chapter 24 – The Latest Life Extension Formulas and Therapies. Chapter 25 – Scientifically Proven Methods to Boost Human Growth Hormone Levels 600% or more Naturally. Chapter 26 – 2 Formulas from the 16th Century with Significant Anti-Aging Attributes. Chapter 28 – Vanilla, the Most Powerful Anti-Aging Substance Known. Chapter 30 – Amino Acids and Longevity. Chapter 31 – How to Balance Hormones Using Seed Cycling. Chapter 32 – Ions, Hormones and Health. Chapter 33 – Simple and Gentle Methods that Restore Balance to the Body’s Immune System. Chapter 35 – A Simple Toothache Cure. Chapter 36 – From Herbs to Honey, A Dozen 100% All Natural Sugar Substitutes. Chapter 37 Junk Food and Sugar Cravings. How to Eliminate Them. Chapter 39 – Tasty, Healthy Homemade Longevity Recipes. Chapter 41 – Foods and Fruits that Retain Artificial Pesticides the Longest in their System. Chapter 42 – The Best Seasons and Times of the Year to Gather Herbs. Chapter 47 – Herbs that bring clarity to Thoughts and Enhance IQ. Chapter 49 – When all other methods of healing have failed – Tibetan Tormas. Chapter 50 – A Listing of Verified Longevity Foods. Ranked from Best to Last. Chapter 56 – Proven Modern Herbal Formulas for Health and Well Being from the Institute for Solar Studies. Chapter 57 – Where Fatigue Comes from. How to Prevent and Replenish Your Energy Levels. Chapter 58 – The Longevity Formula of Count Saint Germain. A Chinese Herbal Formula to Turn Grey Hair to its Original Color. Chapter 60 – Natural Herbal combinations that increase Telomere Length. Chapter 61 – Chinese Folk Medicine Herbs and their Healing Uses. Chapter 68 – An Introduction To The 5 Climates, and Their Related Metals.

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