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About An Anti Aging Formula

We all want anti aging tips and anti aging diets to look young and beautiful. But, maintaining youth and beauty doesn’t come by eating anything you want. So, how can you achieve these two conditions? Here is a special e-book that I have written to help you reach both these conditions.
If the fountain of youth existed, everyone would drink from it. In this book, you will find the fountain of youth, and it has been in front of you for a long time.

Where is the Fountain of Youth?

It turns out that people have been seeking beauty, youth, and health in the wrong places. Topical creams and other formulations give you only temporary beauty and are not the fountain of youth. You have to use them every day to give you false beauty.

Many doctors, also, still don’t get it. They never tell you to eat and drink the right foods, so you won’t be sick. Instead they give you a prescription and tell you to come back the following week.

Drugs and pills don’t cure, but on occasion they are needed short term. Using the right food and drink is what cures and this is the fountain of youth. Anti aging juices and tonics are part of the way to stop aging. There are many anti aging foods you need to discover and start using.

In This Book You Will Discover

1.How to stop your body’s inflammation – the hidden killer in an acid body
2.The juices you can use to make your body alkaline – a necessary condition for youth.
3.The juices to drink to cure or stop your disease – this is the way to stop aging.
4.The vegetable juices that are best for you to drink to stop inflammation – stop disease and you will stop aging.
5.The juices you need to use to cure various diseases or body conditions
6.The tonics you need to drink every day for anti-aging and beauty.
7.What you need to do to reverse aging and feel and look young again
8.What tonic to drink to increase energy and get rid of fatigue
9.What the best times to drink juices and tonics that will give you the best anti aging power.
10.How to setup a program using diets, foods, juices and tonics that give you anti-aging results
11.The truth about gaining or re-gaining health and eliminating diseases that age you fast.
Losing Your Youth?

If you look tired, feel run down, have dull skin, fight pain and discomfort, can’t think straight, feel life has left you behind, now, Right Now, yes Right Now, is your opportunity to change your life. This is not a false claim, I have done this since becoming a nutritionist and many other have done it also. Is it your turn?

I can’t promise you a miracle in 5 day or even in 10 days, but if you use this anti aging food and diet tips program and make it a part of your lifestyle, you will see almost magical results. It took you a long time to create your illness or your body condition, so it will take a while to get your health back and your good looks.

What This Book Can Do For You

If you eat every day, then eat the right foods and drink the right drinks. This will send you on your way to a new way of feeling with less pain and disease. Disease is the destroyer of youth. If you eliminate disease and stop it in its tracks, you can regain some of your youth and energy.

In this e-book I help you to see what you need to do, how you need to do it, and why you need to do to stop aging. In this anti aging tips program, I give you the recipes and mixtures of fruits, vegetables, and tonics that can bring back some of the life you once had.

This e-book can change your life. It will give you ideas, tips, mixtures, and information you need for a pain free, youthful energetic life.

Want The Fountain Of Youth?

These juices and tonics will provide you with the fountain of youth that Ponce de León searched for during his life time and never found. Now you can have the fountain of youth.

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