Anti-aging and Anti-cancer Guide Box Set: Discover 10 Super Foods That Are Surprisingly Useful In Slowing Down Your Aging Process & The Ultimate Guide … Anti aging secrets, Anti cancer diet)


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The Anti-aging & Anti-cancer Guide Box Set

Now you can get the bestselling books Anti-aging Guide for Women & Anti-cancer Diet together for a discounted price of only $4.99!

This box set includes:

Anti-Aging Guide For Women: You Are What You Eat – Discover 10 Super Foods That Are Surprisingly Useful In Slowing Down Your Aging Process

In this book you will find out exactly what kinds of foods that can help you to know how to slow down your aging process. In order to make sure that you do not age or rather age gracefully, it is important that you begin taking better care of your body at an early age. Taking care of the body does not mean that you have to become a vegetarian. You can take care of yourself by eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and getting enough rest. But if you are wondering what steps/method you should follow in order to achieve the best result, this book is for you!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn….

  • Chapter 1: What you need to know about aging
  • Chapter 2: Understanding The Normal Aging Process
  • Chapter 3: Preventing Aging Tips and Tricks
  • Chapter 4: Nutrition and Aging
  • Chapter 5: Aging Food To Avoid
  • Chapter 6: 10 Anti-Aging Super Foods
  • Chapter 7: Tips For Natural Skin Care
  • Much, much more!

Anti-Cancer Diet: The Ultimate Guide To Prevent & Reverse Cancer Naturally

Do you know that lifestyle factors, including your diet, can make a huge difference in helping you fight off cancer. Some foods actually increase your risk of cancer, while others support your body and strengthen your immune system.
Cancer is here to stay unless we change our ways and start incorporating healthy lifestyles. Going by the tremendous costs involved in chemo and other treatment solutions, the cost of eating healthy is a drop in the ocean compared to what you might spend if you have cancer. If you have it, it is never too late to start eating healthy so that you don’t escalate the problem. In any case, what do you have to lose if you eat healthy; you have eaten in an unhealthy manner for far too long so it wouldn’t hurt trying something different! That should give you a new lease of life unlike chemo where you know very well is not sustainable since all it does is try to kill cells without addressing the root cause. Do you even know that chemo also kills the good cells in the process and activates benign tumors making them malignant?
By making smart food choices, you can protect your health, feel better, and boost your ability fight off cancer and other disease.

Here Is A Quick Summary Of What You’ll Learn….

  • Lifestyle Choices & Its Consequences
  • The Carbohydrates Dilemma
  • Foods You Should Eat That Will Help Prevent
  • And much, much more!

Would you like to know more? ….

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