Alkaline Diet Cooking Protocol: 10 delicious easy recipes for optimal health and beauty (alkaline diet cookbook, recipes, beauty, anti aging, fatigue, energy)


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Use these alkaline recipes to get you started on a journey of great HEALTH and GLOWING SKIN

The emergence of the alkaline diet, also known as the pH diet, or a low-acid diet has gained traction and has piqued the interest of many people. An alkaline diet is afterall, a ‘vegetables and fruits’ diet.​
The growing popularity of the alkaline diet is so impressive that it has given rise to many studies. This e-book will guide you through all the essential facts you need to know about the alkaline diet and importantly HOW to get it.​

Highlights of this ebook

    This book has been written in very simple English to help laymen understand the concept.
    You will learn ​the importance of a well-maintained alkaline body system

    Usually, the alkaline diet is employed to aid in weight loss. ​
    Well, here, the author succinctly talks about one mechanism of action of an alkaline diet and how it triggers the pathway to beautiful glowing skin, in a way that was not pointed out elsewhere. ​
    The author talks from her own unique experience both personally and professionally from her years of conducting research studies in the skin and from years of studying cosmeceuticals. ​
    Clear, step-by-step and easy-to-follow suggestions together with colour pictures of the final dish for getting this diet and its recipes, a quick way to get you started quickly using the items you already have in your own kitchen and from your nearest supermarket. ​
    The bonus of 10 simple recipes will help you get started right away.​
    She also gives tips on how to continue maintaining the alkaline diet to ensure extended success.

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Still thinking?​
Imagine this……​

With a change in diet, you could lose weight, feel cleaner, sport a glowing face, and start turning heads…​
Save yourself a TON of money from healthcare costs…​
Slow down illnesses​
Become healthier while ENJOYING what you eat…​
… without medication? Would you be interested?​

And the best part is: These recipes can be easily prepared at your own home.​

In just minutes from now, you can finally begin to shed those extra pounds, regain control over your health and feel and look great…​

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