A Handbook On Anti-Aging Supplements: The Best Supplements for Feeling Younger and Living Longer


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Would you like to know the supplements which can help you stay healthy and youthful? This book complements the previous one (A Handbook On Anti-Aging Solutions) by going further into the uses and benefits of specific supplements to enhance your youthfulness and keep your health in tip-top condition. Inside you will discover: • How to choose the types of food which contain anti-aging property to enable you to eat appropriately to stay young • The types of food which sabotage anti-aging process that you need to be aware to keep your cells healthy and strong • The purpose of multivitamins to avoid mis consumption that may deteriorate your body condition • How to ascertain the type of nutrients you are lacking in order to get the right supplements to make-up for your body needs • Knowing the best forms of supplements for better body adsorption to give you the best results • The various types and reactions of other supplements – Selenium, Coenzyme, ALA and more to cater for your body requirements and live longer • Anti-aging tips to enable your supplements intake to work effectively for your body • And much, much more!

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