5 Ways to Increase Your Mineral Intake


If you’re looking to boost your daily nutrient intake, or you want to start replacing processed foods with whole foods, then essential minerals are an excellent place to start.

Keep in mind that all minerals are created equal; some are needed in much smaller amounts than others, and some can be harmful when consumed in large amounts. Making it a point to monitor your daily nutrient intake will help you lead a healthier life.

Increase Your Nutrient Intake

It’s important to get the recommended daily intake of all the essential minerals and nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and alive, but it can be hard to meet your needs when you’re consuming processed foods that don’t contain significant amounts of these nutrients. Fortunately, there are some simple ways you can easily increase your daily intake of magnesium by getting more magnesium-rich foods into your diet or by taking supplements. Read on to learn about five important ways to increase your nutrients.

Eat More Fruits

Fruits are an important way to increase your intake of nutrients and minerals regularly. If you’re looking for potassium and magnesium, look no further than your favorite fruits. Bananas and apples are both great sources of these minerals. If you’re looking for good mineral content in an unexpected fruit, give pineapple a try.

Pineapple has nearly double the amount of potassium as bananas as one medium-sized pineapple contains more than 15% of your daily needs. You can also load up on magnesium by enjoying some cantaloupe. A serving has well over 10% of your daily needs, which is twice as much as bananas offer.

Add a Salt Alternative to Your Water or Food

Most of us don’t get enough minerals in our diets. We need minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium for a healthy diet. One way to make sure we get these minerals and nutrients, while also making sure to reduce and moderate our sodium intake, is by choosing salt alternatives. Choosing a salt alternative will help you get the minerals you need while slashing your sodium intake.

Get More Vegetables

Don’t forget to load up on vegetables to gain the necessary amount of nutrients. Just one cup of broccoli contains over 50% of your recommended daily intake of magnesium, 20% of iron, and 10% of calcium. While fresh vegetables are an excellent source of these nutrients. if you buy frozen vegetables, you won’t have to worry about them going bad if they aren’t used in time. Frozen produce is quick and easy because it comes pre-chopped and in small quantities and most types will last for at least six months when frozen properly in an airtight container or bag.

Cook With More Herbs

Another way to get more minerals into your body is through herbs. Herbs and spices not only make food more interesting and flavorful, but they can also help keep you healthy. Try some garlic or oregano for a boost of antioxidant power.

Additionally thyme and sage contain thymol, which may help fight bad breath as well as certain bacteria that can contribute to tooth decay. Parsley is also packed with vitamin K, which helps maintain strong bones and gums.

Eat More Meat

Meat is also another option if you’re hoping to increase the number of minerals in your diet. Meat provides most of your body’s zinc, iron, and magnesium. Grass-fed meats also tend to have higher levels of zinc and iron than their feedlot-raised counterparts—as much as 50 percent more. Moreover, you’ll also be getting omega-3s and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) with more meat in your diet, both of which help lower your risk for heart disease and certain cancers.

Minerals and vitamins are essential nutrients that our bodies need to function properly and keep us healthy, but they can be hard to find if you aren’t eating the right foods or taking the right supplements. Keep these five tips for increasing your mineral content in mind so you can live a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

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