5 Harmful Beauty Products You Need to Replace Now


Everybody wants to feel clean and look put together, and we all have our particular beauty regimens that work for us, right? However, there is a major danger lurking beneath the surface regarding common everyday beauty products, and everyone should be aware of this issue.

Quite simply, many of the hair and beauty products on store shelves have harmful ingredients that aren’t openly advertised. Read on to stay educated on some of the main toxic substances you should look for – and avoid! – next time you’re at the pharmacy or the cosmetic counter.

Phthalates In Shampoos & Conditioners

Phthalates might be a funny mouthful to say, but they’re one of the most common ingredients you will see in your hair and beauty products, particularly any products that have adhesive properties. What’s so harmful about phthalates? They are a noted endocrine disruptor which means exposure to them actually induces early puberty in younger children. Phthalates are also detrimental to the environment, and since a lot of these products wash right down our draIn after we rinse them off, these proven toxins will seep into our groundwater and affect various populations. It’s critical that we steer clear of anything containing phthalates, and luckily there are a wide array of products in most arenas whose labels clearly state they are “phthalate-free”.

BPA in Product Packaging

BPA, or bisphenol A, is a chemical found in countless product packages and plastics across the globe. Like many ingredients on this list, BPA also disrupts the endocrine system and can lead to hormonal issues in people of all ages. It’s imperative to purchase and use ONLY BPA-free plastics and eliminate all others from our households.

Aluminum in Deodorant

There have been studies that link the aluminum in deodorant to the development of some forms of cancer, including breast cancer, and many consumers choose to avoid it for that reason. Also, aluminum-based deodorants tend to clog the pores in your armpits and don’t allow your body to sweat and function as freely as it could. A wonderful example of a natural, safe deodorant that works is made by a reputable company called Freedom Deodorant, and they have a variety of products you can confidently use without worrying about applying toxins to your body.

Formaldehyde in Cosmetics

Formaldehyde is known most famously as an embalming agent for corpses, so why on earth would you want it in your cosmetics? Believe it or not, it’s not an uncommon occurrence to use formaldehyde in the beauty lab! Consumers need to pay attention because it is most certainly toxic and can be found anywhere from makeup to hair straightening products to eyelash glue. Also, this ingredient could hide under other names such as Bronopol, DMDM hydantoin, and Diazolidinyl urea, to name only a few, so label scrutiny is crucial.

Parabens in Beauty Products

Parabens have been linked to some forms of cancer and are another proven hormone disruptor so they should be avoided at all costs. Parabens can be found in all types of products from makeup to shampoo to lotion, and they can also be labeled in sneaky ways so that it can be difficult to tell if a product contains them. Luckily, manufacturers are already rolling out “paraben-free” options in droves because consumers are demanding them. This is a good example of a harmful ingredient that is still technically legal in most major marketplaces, so watch out!

Be Mindful When Purchasing Your Beauty Products

We’d all like to believe that there are strict regulations in place to protect us against harmful ingredients in products that are openly available to us, but the truth of the matter is that there are all sorts of loopholes that allow these toxins into the marketplace. Remember, these substances can be found across the board in all hair and beauty products, and you should be very cautious when purchasing these items. Take responsibility for your health by researching and looking at the package ingredients so that you can shower and primp knowing that you are putting the finest products on your beautiful skin.

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