30% Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & VE for Face,Neck and Eye Treatment Serums | Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle,Instant Moisturizers,Whitening Dark Spots Facial Serum Fits All Skin Type(1 fl.oz)


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About us
Every woman deserves to have young, beautiful skin at any age. In pursuit of a beautiful sculpted look is the life work of every woman.
While in pursuit of extreme skin care technology is our life-long work.

What is Vitamin C for?
A great number of researches have shown that Vitamin C has a high antioxidant capacity, as it acts by neutralizing the cell damage caused by
free radicals, reducing hyperpigmentation of the skin and improving the appearance of photo-aged skin. It is also essential for maintaining
physical integrity, particularly regarding connective tissue repair and collagen formation.

Our skin cells cannot produce Vitamin C, so using AsianiCandy Vitamin C Serum is the more effective and faster way to nourish our weak and sensitive skin.

Why choose AsianiCandy Vitamin C serum?
30% high-concentrated Vitamin C, together with Vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid, it solves dozens of skin problems with only one bottle.
Help to open the channel of skin and promote skin absorption. Deeply nourish skin.
Special formula, gentle and non-greasy, not stimulate the skin.Recommended for all skin types.

1.Keep container tightly closed.
2.Optimally be used up within 6 months after the cover was opened.
3.Store Vitamin C serum in a cool and dry place, away from bright light.
4.Recommended to use at night and need to combine used with sunscreen in daytime.

We suggest doing a Patch Test on a small area of skin on your neck to make sure the formula is a good fit for you.❤☪Plus 30% High Concentration☪ This vitamin c serum contains 30% pure vitamin c, which is 1.5 times higher than other vitamin c serum. Our vitamin c face serum is proven to be much more effective than taking it orally in replenishing VC for your skin.
☪The Secret of Reversing Time☪ With powerful anti-aging formula, the vitamin c skin serum stimulates the generation of collagen album and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps diminish the dark spots and hyperpigmentation, making your skin youthful and glowing.
☪Multi-Purpose Correction☪ Adding vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, the vitamin c serum can shrink pores, reduce acne and acne scars. Besides, it helps deeply nourish skin, which makes your skin smoother and well-hydrated, showing your true beauty.
☪Gentle Formula & Cruelty-Free Product☪ The vitamin c facial serum is formulated with the highest quality of natural organic constituents, with no irritation. Importantly, our product promises not to test on animals.
☪60-Day Money Back Guarantee☪ For any reason you are not satisfied with the product or results, simply contact us within 60 days and we will process you an immediate 100% money-back refund. No need to return anything.

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