200 Count! B3 Nicotinamide 500 mg Effective Flush-Free Niacin. Energy Booster, Cell Regenerator, Supports Cognitive Decline, Anti-Aging and Helps Breaks Down Carbs & Fats (200 Ct)


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Now available in a 200 count! Save money with our 6 month supply of Nicotinamide! Pure Affinity’s Nicotinamide/ Niacinamide is manufactured in a GMP Facility right here in the United States. We have multiple levels of Quality control to make sure that you are receiving only the finest products. Nicotinamide is a flush free form of Niacin that can be found in many foods, but many people don’t get enough of it in their diet.🌻DO YOU FEEL TIRED THROUGHOUT THE DAY AND NEED MORE ENERGY? Niacinamide is a Dietary Supplement for Proper Energy Production and Fat Metabolism.* This Non-Flushing Form of Vitamin B3 is Necessary for the Normal Breakdown of Fats and Fatty Acids and the Release of Energy from Carbohydrates.*
🌻WOULD YOU LIKE TO SLOW DOWN THE SIGNS OF AGING? Pure Affinity Nicotinamide is a Very Effective Cellular Restoring Ingredient that Offers Multiple Benefits for Aging Skin and Cellular Life Extension.*
🌻WOULD YOU LIKE TO ENHANCE YOUR FOCUS AND COGNITIVE FUNCTION? Studies and Research Suggests that Nicotinamide may be Beneficial in Preserving and Enhancing Neurocognitive Function and Support Those with Cognitive Decline.*
🌻WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUPPORT YOUR SKIN’S NATURAL DEFENSE MECHANISMS? Recommended by Dermatologists, Nicotinamide may Support the Body’s Natural Defense Mechanisms. This Valuable supplement is ideal for men, women, and aging individuals with sensitive or susceptible skin!*
🌻BUY FROM A COMPANY YOU CAN TRUST! Pure Affinity Sources only the Best ingredients and is Manufactured in a GMP Certified Manufacturing Plant in the US. Our Products are Gluten and Non GMO.

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