12 Steps To Design a More Meaningful Lifestyle


We often forget to pause for a moment and think about our life. What is the purpose of our life?, why are we living, and how are we living? How important are the tasks you are doing right now? It is very important to get the answers of these questions so that it can help you to get up and find your purpose and motivation to work further.

But how can you add value and meaning to your life? How can you pursue happiness? What should you do to make this happiness stay longer? To answer these questions, here in this article we have discussed 12 steps that will help you to get that meaningful life and long-term happiness, eventually helping you become a creative lifestyle designer.

  1. Find out Your Life Purpose

The first step is always to find out your life’s purpose. For that, you need to know yourself, who are you? What do you want to be accomplished, and how are you taking steps towards your goals? Are you truly happy? Is your life perfectly designed? Find all the answers to get to know about yourself.

  1. Pause

Have you ever stopped for a moment and sat to think about how rapidly everything is going on? When Was the last time you were alone or made your own time to clear your messed up mind? Only when we get sick, we have nothing to do but rest, then only we think about how hectic our life has become.

Calm down and take things slowly, give yourself and your family, friends your time.

They are craving for it and so are you. Reading a good book, meditating, taking a walk in woods and nature, playing with kids, or doing whatever makes you happy at the moment, will clear your cluttered mind.

  1. Jot down

Writing things down will not only help you to remember but also clear your head. It can be anything, from your daily to-do list to a journal or something brilliant that pops up on your mind at that moment, just write it down.

If you are also not comfortable sharing things with people, you can write it down. As we know paper has more patience than people.

  1. Clean up the junk

Give yourself some time to clean up all the unnecessary things from your home, computer, mobile, and your life as well. We all have some unnecessary things lying in your house here and there which we hardly bother to discard. It is high time to remove all this enormous stuff from our home.

Cutting unnecessary things out and living in a clean space will not only help you to get more space but also make you realize how much extra money you spend on these things which will further make you value only important things that you truly need.

Also, clean all those unimportant mails, messages, and photos that do not add any value to your life.

  1. Ask for Help If Needed

Don’t hesitate to ask for help if needed. Reach out to your friends, family, colleagues or boss to get help for anything. Even if you have a very small circle of friends, you can communicate with others and seek help on your bad days, this is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. Not your friends and family will be there for you for very long, you will never know how life will make you walk through those paths that you never would have imagined before. For that, make friends, communicate, talk to them about your problems and needs, you will get the answer you are looking for.

  1. Choose your friends wisely

Loving yourself and knowing your worth is definitely something one should value but as being a social creature, we do care about what others see and think about ourselves, it is our nature. So surround yourself with such friends who will value you and your presence, encourage and support you on every step.

  1. Adopt Positive Habits

It is very important to adopt a new habit and be consistent. Making a consistent habit will help you achieve your goals. There are maybe so many times you think of doing a particular task or going somewhere but due to having a bad habit you can not do any of these and end up blaming yourself. So instead of repeating the same things every other day, try building habits which will help you to get there without delay. As we know habits are the only way if we follow them consistently, can make us happier.

  1. Focus One Thing at a Time

It is scientifically proven that multitasking can not help in finishing any of the tasks properly and in time. So if you want to give your best and get the most, you have to focus on one thing at a time. Focusing on one thing will lessen your stress, your time to finish the task, and help you get a better idea about your knowledge and motivation on that specific task.

  1. Spend Money on experiences rather than on things

We recommend spending money on experiences rather than on things. If we see something attractive we tend to buy that without a second thought, leaving us happy at that moment which often does not last longer. But if you spend money on traveling to new places, knowing new things or people, giving them gifts, then you can get that meaning of happiness which you will remember and so do they.

  1. Time Management

Time management skill is something we all should know and master to become a Creative Lifestyle Designer. There are various ways to track your time on a particular task. So your first step would be to track your time. How much time are you spending on a single task? How often are you getting distracted, and what are those things that make you distracted?

By stopping half-working, or getting busy on the phone, you can save and manage your time much better.

  1. Stop people-pleasing

If you do not want to do something for someone, just say no. Some people find it really hard to say no to someone close to them. But if you are not willing to do something, you have the right to say it.

  1. Listen to Your Inner Voice

Listen to your rhythm, and what the inner voice is telling you, lead your life according to that. Make sure to enjoy, live to the fullest in whatever you are doing, you are owning, by adding value to your life.

Author Bio: Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc..

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