10 Years Younger ( How to Look 10 years Younger at 40): Reversing the Clock for a Healthier, Well-Nourished and Younger-Looking You ( Secret Anti Aging diet)


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Who Wouldn’t Love to Look 10 years Younger Than Their Age?

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In 10 years younger, we aim to offer women of all ages to look healthier, younger and beautiful. Ladies, let this be the only guide you need to start caring for your skin, body, and soul. With each chapter talking about a certain problem that promotes premature aging, together we go on a journey to find out what is best for us, our skin and bodies.


Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Here is a brief breakdown of what you can expect from this book and why you need to pick it up right now!

•    What Causes Aging and How We Can Prevent It?
•    How Aging Affects Our Organs, Health, and Overall Wellbeing?
•    Learn and Practice How to Take Care of The Biggest Organ of Your Body –The Skin!
•    What Foods to Eat More Of, Stay Away From and Completely Let Go?
•    What Lifestyle Habits  Add to Your Years and What Habits to Adopt Instead?
•    Does Your Attitude Have to Do Anything with Aging You?

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