ТНЕ ЅІRTFOOD DIET: Lose Up 7 Pounds in 7 Days Activating Your Skinny Gene With Over 100 Easy Recipes And The 21 Days Sirtfood Meal Plan


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Lose up 7lbs in 7 days and boost your health without cutting out your favorite foods!

Activate the skinny gene by consuming Sirtfoods, foods that activate sirtuins, a group of genes that stimulate the metabolism, make you burn fat and make you lose weight quickly.

Here comes the diet that activates the “skinny gene” to lose weight and gain forever in physical fitness, health and well-being.

The diet is based on the introduction of Sirt foods into our diet. What are? Foods particularly rich in special nutrients capable of activating the same genes of thinness stimulated by fasting.

These genes are sirtuins, considered to be super metabolic regulators that influence our ability to burn fat, the mood and the mechanisms that regulate longevity. In fact, already in the first week with the Sirt diet you can lose over 3 kilos without deprivation of any kind. Fresh, genuine food, easily available and suitable for our palate that combined with each other or with other ingredients give rise to tasty dishes.

Inside the book you will learn:

  • what is the Sirtfood diet?
  • what are Sirtfoods?
  • how the Sirtfood diet works?
  • the 21 day detailed Meal Plan 
  • how to maintain the healthy weight gained with the Sirt diet
  • Over 100 tasty Sirtfood recipes
  • Simple exercize to maximize fat loss
  • How to speed up your metabolism 
  • and much more..

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